International Training Center of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

The College of Chinese Medicine has been devoted to Chinese medicine education for 49 years, and is a superb environment for cultivating international acupuncture practitioners and researchers.

For the past 12 years, our center has been accepting over 200 medical students or doctors from 30 countries, namely USA, Japan, etc., for clinical fellowship training of Chinese medicine.

Currently our Chinese medicine fellowship training program is open for international Chinese medicine universities or Chinese medicine colleges.

The schedule and syllabus of our program are planned based on the needs of students and schools. Our program provides multidisciplinary experience to the students, which consist of clinical observation and lectures on clinical skills.

  1. Clinical observation in hospital:
    Students who have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, can participate the observation in the Department of Chinese Internal Medicine (including Chinese internal medicine, Chinese gynecology, Chinese pediatrics), Acupuncture, Chinese Traumatology, and herbal pharmacy in Chinese Medical University Hospital. The clinical observation can be flexibly arranged. 
  2. Clinical skills in Traditional Chinese Medicine:
    For groups, hours of lectures on Clinical skills in Acupuncture and Traumatology will be scheduled. The introduction of basic manipulations and related indications will be presented by the instructor in the lectures for a deeper understanding of student about our therapies and treatment before clinical observations. Students will then be provided the opportunities to exercise between each others for a better learning effect.
  3. Other courses:
    If the students enroll the training program during the school semester, they will be able to attend the laboratory classes in Chinese herbs and formula study. On the other hand, Tai-Chi classes can be arranged if in groups. TaiChi class is taught by Tsung-Jung Ho, the National Champion of Taichi Pushing Hand, as well as the National coach and referee in Taichi.
  4. Visiting or field trip:
    For groups, visit to pharmaceutical company or field trip on Chinese herbs based on the condition of students and weather.