“Reducing sugar intake could prevent and control asthma attacks”—China Medical University's research was selected as the “Featured Cover” of the international journal "Immunology"

2022-06-22 Research News

Lowering sugar intake can help prevent and control asthma attacks. A research team from the Chinese Medicine Research Center of China Medical University (CMU) has newly discovered that pterostilbene...

Research paper published by Prof. Peter Karl Mayer

2022-05-20 Research News

Acute Effects Of Tai Chi Chuan, Coordination And Aerobic Exercise On Attention In Elderly Individuals

Research paper published by Prof. Lei Wan

2022-05-20 Research News

  Acupuncture modulates myopia development by activating dopamine – dopamine receptor 1 signaling pathway and lowering NLRP3 inflammasome activation Background: Dopamine is known to act as a stop...

Research paper published by Prof. I-Ching Chou

2022-05-20 Research News

Effect of Chinese herbal medicines on the overall survival of patients with muscular dystrophies in Taiwan I-Ching Chou, Alex Cy Chang, Chao-Jung Chen, Wen-Miin Liang, Jian-Shiun Chiou, Fuu-Jen Tsai...