Korean Medicine Delegation visited College of Chinese Medicine

Korean Medicine Delegation represents four different organizations including The Association of Korean Medicine, the Institute of Korean Medicine Education and Evaluation, The Society of Korean Medicine, and the Korean Acupuncture and Moxibustion Medicine Society which was led by the Vice President of The Association of Korean Medicine, Prof. Ho-Sueb Song visited College of Chinese Medicine and had a meeting with the Secretariat of The Council of the Universities and Colleges of Chinese Medicine in Taiwan on February 4, 2023.

General-Secretary of the Secretariat, also the Dean of the College of Chinese Medicine, Prof Hung-Rong Yen first extend the warmest welcome to the guests from Korea. Later in the meeting, representatives from both sides discussed issues on the current situation of traditional medicine development, education, and examination in both countries. After this meeting, they all agreed that they should work together for traditional medicine by strengthening the cooperation and interaction between both sides. So that traditional medicine can play a bigger role and make more contributions to the world.